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New Marketing/Promotional Opportunities

Distribute your product samples with our Swag Bag! ​ Attendees will choose which products they want in their Swag Bag. (The bags are not pre-filled). 

This provides a more targeted approach to volume marketing.  You provide the swag, we provide the bag!   Items MUST BE product sample or promotional item(i.e. mini snack bars, key chains, cell phone covers, sun glasses, etc.) 
Swag Bags will be given to the first 2,500 attendees of our Expo

Welcome Guide Advertising
Welcome Guide with Expo map will be distributed to the attendees at the main entrance of our Expo.  This is an excellent way reach thousands of women and potential new customers in one day! 

2019 Expo Event Marketing & Promotional Opportunities

Get noticed - stand out in a crowd. . . 

Exhibitors & Non Exhibitors Can Participate

Coming Soon!

*Vendors Only Promotion
Attendee Passport Card (30 vendors max).  Attendees will be required to get a stamp from from each participating vendor on card, to be eligible for a grand prize.  Excellent way to drive additional Expo traffic to your booth. 

This is an Exclusive Opportunity to have your logo on all 2500 gift bags.  Imagine your brand or special offer in 2500 hands all in one day!

You design and submit your Ad
Please complete your Ad in PDF format within the spec guidelines above - then send to the following email address;  pdxwomensexpo@gmail.com .  You will receive a confirmation of receipt, and approval if it meets all spec guidelines. 

If Ad is not approved for submission, I will send an email listing the items to be corrected. 

Attendee Passport Card