"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

We are dedicated to building stronger communities by providing

women with the essential resources to face domestic abuse,

substance abuse, and unemployment. 

Our goal is to builda facility that will strengthen communities by providing services that will connect women and families with livability resources and   employment training programs. 

We are Building Hope

Every night in Portland, there are over 500 homeless families with

children who are forced nightly to compete for a spot in one of

Portland’s emergency shelters.  Many must resort to staying on the

streets, or in parks.

Local governments are facing the fallout from national issues

including nearly 10 percent unemployment, high numbers of

homeless, a national health care crisis, and waves of foreclosures.

The number of families with children experiencing homelessness & joblessness in Multnomah County has increased by 35 percent over the last two years, a local human tragedy.

Join Our Cause

We are always in need of volunteers, vendors, and sponsors to help

us reach our goal. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at

pdxwomensexpo(at)gmail.com or use our contact form.

To become a sponsor or vendor at one of our events call us at (971)

279-2764 or see our Portland Women’s Walk  or Portland Women’s Expo  pages for more information.

Above data from Portland's Street Count and Multnomah County's

One Night Shelter Count.

Our Yearly Fundraising Events

We produce two large events per year that are vital fundraisers to help us

achieve our goal to build a shelter and resource center. These two events

are The Portland Women’s Expo and The Portland Women’s Walk. Both

events are produced and managed by our small staff of women who

work hard to see that each event becomes increasingly more successful

every year.

Our Staff

Our amazing staff is made up of women with very different backgrounds,

and many of them have overcome personal challenges of domestic

violence, substance abuse, and/or homelessness. Each of them

understands what it’s like to be on unstable footing and then to find solid

ground again with The Portland Women’s Foundation.

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Independent Sales Manager

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You may choose to join an established sales team or build your own

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Women’s Expo Street Team & Promotions

Look for our Street Team in your business  district!   We can be seen frequently handing out FREE gifts and prizes  in the following districts: Alberta, Mississippi, Williams, Fremont, Hawthorne, Belmont, Downtown, Pearl, NW 21st & 23rd, Gresham, Burnside, Sellwood, Woodstock, Lake Oswego, Broadway, Vancouver, SW Macadam. Do you have a district you like to suggest? Contact us >

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of helping hands at our events as well as in our

non-profit office. Please call us at (971) 279-2764 or use our contact us

form to see what our current volunteer needs are.


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