About Us

The Portland Women’s Resource Initiative is an Oregon 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. Our ultimate goal is to build a Resource Center for Women to help them gain resources to successfully sustain themselves and their families. This campaign is formally referred to as “Building Hope”. 

Our yearly funds are derived from private donations, and Women’s Expo Event Raffle & Auction proceeds. We are not a public agency, and do not receive any government grants. 

What We are Doing Today to Help Women

The Women’s Expo Event is our primary tool used to help women regain their footing in a new beginning. When a woman needs our help, we immediately turn our attention to helping her attain employment. A job is the number one livability component for sustaining a family. 

We also have the great opportunity to introduce her to the Portland Women’s Expo Event. Our event is the largest consumer trade show for women in the state of Oregon. Producing this event is a real business with real expectations, and we employ up to four core staff members throughout the year. The Portland Women's Expo takes 12 months to prepare and produce. During this time, our number of staff increases and we are able to use an unfiltered hiring process, one where new staffers are chosen for “at will” employment.

No specific skills are necessary to work with us, however a desire to change one's current life situation is. Each person is hired and reviewed based on the following attributes: accountability, commitment, and effort. Each new staffer will be partnered with a current staffer who serves as a mentor. Our “each one, teach one” method ensures continuity in our program, and builds confidence in our employees. 

Since 2012, this formula has allowed the Portland Women's Expo to grow steadily over time, and continually increase in size from, creating a sturdy foundation. Starting with just 125 exhibitors in 2012 to hosting over 400 exhibitors this past year, we have had the opportunity to employ over 50 part-time and temporary employees. Many of our staffers have arrived without prior work experience and poor self-esteem, but have successfully moved on to find new jobs and a stronger sense of self with our continued assistance after the event.

The Future Women’s Resource Center
​(The Building Hope Project)

Our ultimate goal is to build a Women's Resource Center. Once the doors open to our future center, we will continue to build upon our mission to help women gain livability resources to sustain themselves and their families. The building itself will be an office and retail mixed use space, serving the overall Community as well as specific resources for women who need our help (see below information). Our yearly income will be primarily derived from private donations, our Portland Women’s Expo Event, and space rental opportunities from the new building. All of these proceeds will go directly toward the expansion and creation of new programs and employment opportunities for women.

Future Rental Income Opportunities
-Office Space
-Business Incubator Space
-Event/Meeting Rooms
-Ground floor retail opportunities (Including food, retail sales & service companies)

Future In-house Educational Programs
- Women’s Expo Event Management & Production
-Resume building workshops
-Skill-based training workshops
-Employment referral program
-Domestic violence and drug abuse intake assessment and referral
-Homeless women and children intake assessment and referral
-Women and Children Shoe and Clothing Closet

We are extremely proud of our program today and what we envision in the future.  We will always continue to strive to help women in their efforts to re-join the workforce and stabilize their families. We deeply appreciate your continued help and support, and hope that you will continue to fight for our cause.

Our 10 Year Goal to Raise 1 Million Dollars
This money will be used to purchase either an existing building or land that will be used to formally centralize all current and future activities in our Women’s Resource Center.

Current Donation Count from January 2014: $21,628.60
92% - Raffle Ticket Sales
5% - Beauty Bar donations
3% - Auction Items sold

Ways You Can Help
1. Corporate Matching Program.

Match our yearly event fundraising effort.  For example, if we raise $2,000, your corporation or business will pledge to match the amount.

100%      match    (i.e. $2,000)
50%         match    (i.e. $1,000)
25%         match    (i.e. $500)

2. Promote our 50% off Women’s Expo Event Ticket to your staff. 

100% of the profits from each ticket sold goes towards creating jobs and sustaining Expo Event operations.

3. On-site Corporate Chair Massage & Beauty Bar Program.  

25% of the proceeds from these events directly benefits the Portland Women's Expo Foundation. Your employees can schedule and pay directly with us. No matter how you decide to structure the program, we’ll help you come up with a solution that works for you.  Please contact us to schedule an event: (971) 279-2764.

Current Career Opportunities

Independent Sales Manager

This is the perfect position for someone who is independent and is

looking for the freedom to set his or her own hours. This position will also

give you the flexibility to determine your own goals.

The personal goals you set and how much time you're willing to dedicate

to your business will dictate how much you earn. The sooner you begin

selling, the faster your income will grow and the more motivated you'll be

to continue building a solid, profitable business.

You may choose to join an established sales team or build your own

successful team; it’s up to you!   Contact Us

Women’s Expo Street Team & Promotions

Look for our Street Team in your business  district!   We can be seen frequently handing out FREE gifts and prizes  in the following districts: Alberta, Mississippi, Williams, Fremont, Hawthorne, Belmont, Downtown, Pearl, NW 21st & 23rd, Gresham, Burnside, Sellwood, Woodstock, Lake Oswego, Broadway, Vancouver, SW Macadam. Do you have a district you like to suggest? Contact us >

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of helping hands at our events as well as in our

non-profit office. Please call us at (971) 279-2764 or use our contact us

form to see what our current volunteer needs are.


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